Thursday, December 31, 2009

progress, progress

So far on my winter vacation (vacation! ha! vacation!) I've dyed three rectangular veils and four half ovals. The three rectangles (2 in 8mm silk, 1 in 5mm) were Christmas gifts for dear friends. For one of them it is her first veil ever, and I hope it will behave nicely for her. For another it was an unusual color for her collection. The last was a piece for a friend who simply loves silk -- wraps herself up in it whenever possible -- and she's been wanting a piece in cool colors for a while. So I combined a rich purple, a very dark blue, and a jade green for her. I'm not utterly pleased with what the jade green had to say for itself, but hey, she loved it, so all is well.

Yesterday's four veils were part of the giant order for Ayperi, and I have five more resting in dye at the moment. Yesterday I was super-efficient and did them very assembly-line, but frankly that was a bit too much standing for my back, so today I'm taking it a bit more slowly. It's really strange to be doing so many veils in the same color combination! Her students each chose from a list, and sure enough, four of them all chose the same thing (a dark blue and purple combination I call "royalty").

After those are done I have a quite different project for tomorrow, as I won't be doing low water immersion at all -- instead I'll do a tub dye pass on a pair of veils in green and then overdye them with black for a "ribbon edge" effect. It'll be quite refreshing after this parade of small containers!